Our SJSU research team

  • Eugene Cordero

    Founder & Director

  • Diana Centeno

    Research & Curriculum Specialist

  • Huong Cheng

    Operations Manager

  • Satyajeet Poradia

    Software Developer

  • Carmen Chow

    Visual Artist

  • Lisbeth Leftwich


  • Disha Sheth

    Software Developer

  • Vansh Zaveri

    Software Developer

  • David Chai

    Animation & Film Director

  • Keith Silva

    Video Editor

  • Kyle McDonald

    Film Production

It is our passion to create learning experiences that help students grow and thrive.

We have a vibrant community of contributers

  • Annette Zou


  • Barnaby Dallas

    Professor, TV, Radio, Film & Theatre

  • Babak Sarrafan

    Professor, TV, Radio, Film & Theatre

  • Jeanie Chang

    Visual Artist

  • Mark Wanninger

    Video Editor

  • Revathi Kotni

    Producer, Green Ninja Show Season 2

  • Maaike Sheirff

    Producer, Green Ninja Show Season 3

  • The English Language

    Music Producers of Bike Party, Incredible Edible Everything, Foam on the Range, and Green Ninja Show Theme Song

  • Ryan Eways

    Voice Talent and Actor

  • Marty Cooper

    Director, Footprint Renovation

  • Emily Chen

    Director, The Flushing and For Goodness Rake

  • Paul Yula

    Director, Bike Party

  • Aden Scott

    Director, Green Prix

  • Michelle Ikemoto

    Director, What's the Bag Deal?

  • Aldo Kcomt

    Co-Director, Karbon Kombat

  • Samia Khalaf

    Co-Director, Karbon Kombat

  • Melanie Joe

    Storyboard Artist, Mysteries of the Pyramids and Seep off the Grass

  • Chelsea Holt

    Storyboard Artist, Bee-F-F and Moby Ick

  • Emily Little

    Storyboard Artist, The Flushing, Interview with the AMPire

  • Nancy Truher

    Editorial Volunteer

Our team demonstrates that when you put a scientist, educator and artist together, amazing things can happen.

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